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    Proven teaching strategies to ensure success.

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    Rewarding animations and fun mini games to keep children engaged.

Download Camp Discovery for free today! available for the iPad and on Google Play.

Why Camp Discovery?

We designed Camp Discovery specifically for children with autism.

Errorless Learning

We introduce new targets with prompts and fade them as the child answers correctly.

Error Correction

When your child gets an incorrect we don't leave them hanging. We prompt them on the next trial and help them get back on track.

Personalized for each Child

Each child picks what animations they want to see when they get answers correct and the game they play upon completion.

Personalized for the Parent

Parents can view their child's progress based on lesson and game type.

Great Options

Control every aspect of your child's experience. Parents can choose what targets their child learns and how often they are allowed to play a mini-game.

Updated Content

We are constantly working hard on delivering more lessons, animations, and features for you and your child.

Download Camp Discovery for free today! available for the iPad and on Google Play.

What People are Saying

We love what we are making and hope you do too. Here is what some people have had to say:


iTunes Review

Finally an app that is made for my students! I have a k-2 autism unit with students on the severe end of the spectrum. We are always looking for apps that are engaging but also made to practice functional skills. They all love iPad time, but we struggle to find appropriate apps. I am in love with this app and I can't wait to see my students succeed! Thank you for this amazing app!


iTunes Review

I love this app! The preference assessment is very visually appealing and each reinforcer is special in its own way. The gradual increase in field of items is great! I love that the target picture does not light up until the instruction is given. So far, best app I have for my clients especially for fun time learning.


iTunes Review

I love this app! I work with children who have autism and I highly recommend it! Not only to professionals but also to parents looking for a fun and educational app for their child.


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